Websites to know about #2

Ramps on the Moon

Following on from the highly successful production of The Threepenny Opera in Spring 2014, and in recognition of the under representation and employment of disabled people throughout our industry, particularly in “mainstream” theatre, a consortium of theatres successfully applied for a Strategic Touring Fund to undertake a six year programme of work.

Integrating disabled and non- disabled performers and practitioners. This programme aims to achieve a step change in the employment and artistic opportunities for disabled performers and creative teams , and a cultural change in the participating organisations to enable accessibility to become a central part of their thinking and aesthetics.

International Learning Disability Live Performance and Touring Event hosted by Mind the Gap

Follow the conversations and some great presentations here

Rachel Dobbs- Artist & Educator

Trying to fill in applications for funding if you’re Neurodiverse? Check this out

Arts Council of Wales

The aim of this guide is to give you practical ideas about how to increase diversity in both those who experience the arts (audiences) and those who participate in making art (creators).

The guide aims to go beyond legislation and tick lists. Instead it offers practical examples and ideas from arts organisations themselves which have worked well. Hopefully, the combination of prompts, questions, examples and case studies will help you develop ideas that are appropriate to you and the context in which you work.


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